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Colleen Turner, Ph.D. (UCLA) is a communications speaker, consultant, trainer, coach, and writer/editor who blends winning methods derived from a variety of disciplines to achieve breakthrough outcomes.  She learned firsthand how performance can be enhanced significantly through her experiences in varied careers as an academic and educator, a sports coach and athlete (Team USA), and a military officer (Lieutenant Colonel, USAF Reserve, Ret.). Dr. Turner's unique approach to achieving breakthroughs can be found in her ebooklet: "No Way" Into "Way To Go!"


Turner's sports achievements include competitive surfing and skateboarding, and she played volleyball on the USA team - UCLA retired her #44 jersey.  As a counselor and social worker, she trained as a psychotherapist and served as an executive director for a gang and drug abuse prevention program.  Her military expertise included developing terrorist defense scenarios, strategic planning for the Space and Missile Systems Center, freefall parachuting, and expert marksmanship. She served as an indirect advisor for three cabinet secretaries and supported international strategic communications for the U.S. Departments of State and Defense.  Dr. Turner is a contributor to The Huffington Post.  


The Institute for National Security Studies sponsored her research project: "Best Practices for Inspiring Pro-American Sentiment: Exploring Methods of American Masters for Winning Hearts and Minds Around the Globe."  Additionally, Dr. Turner presented "Religion: Catalyst for War or Peace?" at the Metanexus Institute’s interfaith conference hosting representatives from 27 countries. 


Colleen's passion is for developing and coaching communication that facilitates positive interpersonal, organizational, and international outcomes by applying proven best practices from distinctively different arenas.  Derived from everyday work experiences, she also developed Best Communication Practices for Leaders.

TRANSFORMATIONAL COMMUNICATION allows individuals, teams, and groups to take their performance to a higher level, solve "impossible" problems, and resolve difficult relationship issues, for starters.  


It combines the best practices of varied disciplines such as sports, psychology, the military, education, and even religious practices.  After all, who doesn't need a miracle now and again?  By applying the principles, you will become able to see solutions that didn't exist before.  For many, that's a miracle!

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